Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 200 mi
Update time = Mon, 22-Oct-2018 8:54pm PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
38 mi E of Maneadero, B.C., MX 2.5 000247154 mi 1540223964Mon, 22-Oct-2018 3:59pm map
9 mi SSW of Carpinteria, CA 2.2 000293182 mi 1540123684Sun, 21-Oct-2018 12:08pm map
19 mi N of Searles Valley, CA 2.4 000256159 mi 1540106722Sun, 21-Oct-2018 7:25am map
6 mi NE of Aguanga, CA 2.5 00005433 mi 1540048605Sat, 20-Oct-2018 3:16pm map
17 mi N of Yucca Valley, CA 2.0 00005534 mi 1540021581Sat, 20-Oct-2018 7:46am map
11 mi ESE of Anza, CA 2.2 00004327 mi 1540011522Sat, 20-Oct-2018 4:58am map
6 mi ENE of Aguanga, CA 2.5 00005433 mi 1539998088Sat, 20-Oct-2018 1:14am map
20 mi NE of Ensenada, B.C., MX 2.1 000201125 mi 1539915603Fri, 19-Oct-2018 2:20am map
4 mi NNE of Borrego Springs, CA 2.6 00006339 mi 1539813048Wed, 17-Oct-2018 9:50pm map
1 mi NNW of San Jacinto, CA 3.1 00005031 mi 1539785359Wed, 17-Oct-2018 2:09pm map
35 mi SE of Estacion Coahuila, B.C., MX 3.0 000286178 mi 1539763777Wed, 17-Oct-2018 8:09am map
11 mi SW of Primm, NV 2.1 000199124 mi 1539695714Tue, 16-Oct-2018 1:15pm map
5 mi NE of Aguanga, CA 2.0 00005434 mi 1539670063Tue, 16-Oct-2018 6:07am map
16 mi WSW of Fort Irwin, CA 2.2 00015596 mi 1539634414Mon, 15-Oct-2018 8:13pm map

14 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.